Vintage X Ripped Denim

We all know denim doesn’t fade, denim is always in style. For my website makeover I wanted to pair my denim shorts with a vintage piece. I am excited to show you guys my new model Jessica. I wanted to add one or two new models, and I wanted a model that would give me that “foreign” vibe to entice my international market, as I have neglected my website “appearance” for over a year now and its time to get back on my marketing and branding wave.

  So lets talk about vintage. I liveeeeeee for vintage pieces. I found this top while thrifting, one of my favorite things to do. Its made from a fluffy material with shoulder pads, these shoulder add life to this top.


 I paired the top with these denim boots that I purchased from Check the out guys, they are one of my favorite website to purchases shoes from at an affordable price and you can ALWAYS find coupons online to give you additional discounts.

I added a little jazz to the outfit itself by pairing it with these white funky sunglasses. I cant remember where these were purchased because I’ve had them for around two years.

Denim shorts are definitely a closet essential. Just go back to our website and make sure you purchase a pair today.

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