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I just love to bargain hunt. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks ? In the post I will be giving you guys a few pointers on how to be the best bargain hunter ever. I use the same shopping techniques everywhere I go.

Head to the SALE RACK first. No matter what the occasion is or if your just doing some shopping always head to the sale rack first. I find plenty of cute steals on the sale racks, ALWAYS. The sale rack is my favorite rack in the store.

Always search for coupons online before going to a store. I have an app on my phone by the name of  “retailmenot.” This app is LIFE. I have saved so much on items in stores like Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, Charlotte Russe, Hobby Lobby, Bath and Body Works, ect. There are tons of coupons offered on this app, even coupons for dining. My usual savings are between 20-50% off the retail price of an item.

Try out flea markets. There tends to be a stigma where people thing flea markets only sell “used” items, No yall sleep if you believe that. When away at home in the states I visit the flea market every week and purchase tons of new items at extremely low prices.  What I realize is that the vendors at the flea market usually purchase liquidation items in bulk and sell them back in the flea market at discounted rates.

Take your time ans go through the racks. Haste encourages waste. I always take my time and browse through thoroughly. Sometimes they are many hidden treasures on those racks.

Ask if there is a sale going on, sometimes stores have secret sales and make sure that you SUBSCRIBE to receive emails. You will be the first to know about current and upcoming sales.


Now let me give you guys details on this outfit guys! TOTAL JMD $7000.00 USD $54. 00

I paid JMD $1000  for this top .. OMG Guys, I know you must be wondering where, well DOWNTOWN KINGSTON. Can I tell you guys how much I love it down there. Its like bargain central for me. I go to the market downtown, I buy stuff for my apartment downtown, I buy makeup downtown, Hair for my pixie wigs, dyes, EVERYTHING. Anything I want when I’m in Jamaica I check DOWNTOWN first. I go down there so often I’ve made quite  few friends down there. I purchased the top in a wholesale ( cant remember the name )

My pants I also paid JMD $1000. There is the rasta guy on luke lane beside the guy that sells the sky juice thats selling high-waist jeans for $1000 . I bought two from him.

My shoes I paid JMD $5000 a couple months ago from iconic images located on Half Way Tree Mall. So yes in total my outfit cost $7000 JMD. Yaaaaasssssssss savings upon savings. More money in my pocket. Ha !

My hair was slayed by @puddonplussweet ofcourse and I am wearing 5 bundles of  30′ 8a Malaysian Straight Hair from @_p_r_o_b_e_

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